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These pieces are examples of commissioned works. If you would like a custom-designed piece for your group or event, please contact I.B. Remsen (rempot@ibremsen-potter.com).

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The commissions shown here are production pieces with special glazes and fired on graphics. They must be ordered in lots of no less than 100. Prices vary depending on numbers of pieces and number of colors in the graphic. The pricing structure is based on the wholesale cost of the item plus the cost of creating the graphic and firing it a second time. There is a charge for packing and shipping. For example; in the picture above there are a large mug, a specially made mini-mug, and a beer stein. At regular retail these items would cost $16, $9, and $20. The color graphic has only two colors so the cost might be $11, $6.50, and $13. All of the Logo pieces shown here were custom orders where the glaze and decoration were created to complement the graphic image.



bowl and mugs

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